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to the Rotary Kiln Industries

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Look to us

Preferred Supplier

to the Rotary Kiln Industries

Manufacturers of the World’s Most Technologically Advanced Process Heating Equipment

NorthStar Combustion engineers and manufactures rotary kiln burners and ancillary combustion equipment. Each rotary kiln and its process requirements are evaluated individually in conjunction with the end user to ensure proper combustion system design. Precision-made quality components are designed to withstand the harsh environment of a rotary kiln while simultaneously providing the most operator friendly, efficient and low emissions solution to mineral processing demands. With our acquisition of Shellenberger-Gregg’s pyro-division, current users can be assured that they will continue to receive the same professional tech and parts support that has already made us the preferred supplier to the rotary kiln industries.

Look to the rotary kiln burner specialists at NorthStar Combustion. Our customer’s success truly is our most important product.

Proflame Rotary Kiln Burner

Rotary Kiln Burners
– Operator-friendly
– Efficient
– Versatile
– Low emissions
– Superb burner turndown
– Multi-fuel capability
– Industrial hardened

Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Equipment
Components can be supplied individually or as a fully integral combustion system.

NorthStar Combustion Solutions

Allow us to simplify complex process heating requirements in your industry.

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George Skoronski

Process Consultant/A-C Equipment Services

“Radiation heat transfer is, by orders of magnitude, the mechanism to drive most pyro processes to completion. The NorthStar burner has the unique features to develop a consistent and high flame temperature, over a range of kiln capacities, to produce a consistent high quality kiln product required by our customers.”

Eric Moore

President/Memphis Control Center

“Rotary kiln installations are the mainstay of our business and I have seen plenty of different burners over the past 30 years. From the feedback I get from end users, the NorthStar burner is consistently the best performing burner regardless of the application due to the unique adjustable gas orifice that allows for optimization while in operation.”

Bob Cousins

Utility Manager/Almatis

“Over the years, NorthStar has been a great resource to troubleshoot and optimize the combustion process on our lime kiln at Flint River. They were able to work closely with our operators to virtually eliminate nuisance shutdowns and then get rolling again smoothly after our annual mill maintenance outages. In addition, their assistance was key to our operating well within extremely stringent environmental parameters.”